If a storm could think, feel and analyse, it could be Cris af Enehielm, or vice-versa. Seen from the outside, her art sometimes gives such an appearance of an undeniable force of nature, meeting all the criteria of chaos theory. But just as in nature, nothing "just happens": everything is a logical consequence, or at least a continuation, of something that has taken place previously. And in the case of Cris af Enehielm, "events" are not limited to the visual arts but move among the visual arts, dance, performance, music, theatre (directing and acting), private life, teaching, travel, raising children, the visual arts, danceā€¦ And Cris af Enehielm paints: probing sensitively, with slow pleasure, boldly, aggressively and cheekily. She paints light and sombre shadow in adjacent canvases and in the same one, and the borderline of painting and life is once again brittle and fragile. Ilona Anhava

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