Ever since I was young, I have been interested of the entire art field. In the early 70s I educated myself in the field of visual art and shortly after that I found myself becoming an actress in the theater academy of Helsinki. Ever since, it has been a hectic time, doing all kinds of art.

I was involved in the performance field of Finland, as a member of wild performance collectives such as Homo$, Jack Hellen Brut, the sound and an improvisation group Roach Voice, performing and arranging happenings around Finland, Europe and Egypt. During that time I also worked as an actor in both traditional theater and experimental projects. My interests for theater broaden shortly to also involve directing, and designing both for theater and dance. In the music field, I was active in the first, mainly women’s punk rock group ”Joan Bennet Museum” and after that the absurdist music group “Transistors”. My interest for the human body and psychology made me also study Gestalt therapy, Jungian psychology and body-therapy. Dance and bodywork has always been important for me. The last fifteen years I have been a lector in the acting department of the theater academy in Helsinki. And all these experiences have influenced my painting.

In the beginning of my career as a painter, I expressed all kinds of perspectives on what it is to be a woman. My style was influenced by contexts of the pop art and cartoon world. I wanted to find a humoristic and satiric way of talking the women’s language as a protest to men dominating the art field. Later on I took a more symbolic language inspired by Jungian thinking and other artist from the history of art. This journey is still going on, which means that I let myself be influenced by all artist that I love in some way or the other. I have a special romantic relationship to the eastern culture based on journeys I have done and books I have read. I want to paint about love and joy, because I think it is needed in this world. Any kind of shadow or light or a part of a discussion can be the accumulator for a painting. Living in a country that is cold and dark half of the year, I want to bring humor, light and colors into peoples mind. That is the soul-food art can partly add to life When I paint, I think as a director on the whole idea and the atmosphere I am about to create. I want my paintings talking to each other and behave as a part of a theater or dance. That is why the most creative and interesting part of the process is to build the exhibition. It is the final result I am interested in, not the process of the actual painting.


I am a traveller in life. I suppose that is the foundation for everything I do. I have never found myself complete in anyway, I rather consider myself mostly as a beginner, which means that every creative process is in some ways the first one in my life. It is perhaps something I value most in myself as an artist and that is also the hardest part. It makes me helpless in the beginning of every work process I start, on the other hand that is the engine for me to be curious and interested in things. I don’t like to learn new techniques (it is frightening), so I work with all art forms in a quite childish and ”hand made” style. I like to work from the concept of ”poor theatre” and bring this thinking in all aspects of my art. To be a tourist in life helps me to look at life from an outside perspective. It doesn’t mean I feel alienated. It is about taking the part as the audience versus being in the middle of action. That makes life fascinating and helps me keep a distance to my ego and myself. In that way I can even use myself as material and freely joke with myself as a woman and a mother. My persona contains a lot of different personalities (or roles) that think and behave according to what I am occupied with. That makes me think differently as a theatre maker or a performance artist, a painter or a teacher. All these subjects activate different parts of my interest, intellect and even my identity. Sometimes I am old, sometimes a teenager or child and sometimes I feel more like a man or a boy.


After Art School (the free Art School of Helsinki) I started a whole new style of painting. I painted with gouache on brown package paper. That was the material that made me feel free to express. I painted my life in all kinds of weird situations, commenting the world in the eyes of a woman. Cartoons and a naive childish way for expression inspired me. I painted my own history and put all my horror memories in a comic framework. Later I met Krissan Elander-Abelli, a famous Swedish artist. Inspired by her and the pop art, I started to paint huge paintings on canvas and acryl. These paintings were wild, describing the woman position in the world from a feministic point of view. I wanted to articulate woman as funny, aggressive, desiring, horrible, ugly, sexy and so on. I also made, together with Sakari Viika, a series of huge pregnant women in different anti motherish’ situations using myself as the model, a pregnant lonely mother in the ninth month. After becoming a mother 1987 and studying Jung I went into a mythological face relating and inspired by other artists from the history of art. This journey is still going on. I am still working mainly focused on illustrating women, inspired by literature, drama, lyrics, dance and journeys in countries far away. Especially Butoh from Japan is strongly influencing my way of painting people. I like to create secret worlds full of magic life and atmosphere. These places in my imagination mostly pop up from countries far away from where I live. I am not interested to describe the world as it is; in that case I rather have a lecture. I guess that all tragic and humor that affects the human is connected to the imaginary world she is surrounded by. I see visual art as a possibility to offer soulfood, and I only prepare the soulfood that I find tasty and needed for myself. In my last paintings I have mainly been inspired by Anton Chekhovs plays and novels, as he is the only one from the whole art society that can surprise me everyday and I guess forever. I do feel I am very close to this writer.

Curriculum Vitae


1974-77  Fria Konsthögskolan (Free Art School) Helsinki

1977-1978  Holbaek Kunsthöjskole, Denmark

1978-1979 Taideteollinen korkeakoulun iltakoulu (University of art and design evening school) Helsinki

1979-1983 Teatterikorkeakoulu (Theatre Academy) Helsinki

1992-1993 Gestaltinstitutet (Gis Denmark) Denmark

1995-1996 Voice Dialouge (Voice Dialogue Institut) Sockholm

1996 NLP Practitoner, Helsinki

2008 Master degree in Arts, Teaterhögskolan (Theatre Academy) Helsinki



2001-2012 Lector in stage performance. Theatre Academy of Helsinki


1976 Ceap Thrills: Helsinki

1983 Teater Academy: Helsinki

1983 Bar-Bar: Stockholm

1983 Galerie Old Student House: Helsinki

1984 Galerie Old Student House: Helsinki

1984 Borås Culturehouse: Borås Sweden

1985 Joes gallery: Turku Finland

1985 Lovisa city museum: Finland

1989 Spacegalleria: Helsinki

1989 Galerie Pelin: Helsinki

1990 Cafe Aalto: Helsinki

1992 Amos Anderson art museum (retrospective): Helsinki

1995 Galerie Forsblom: Helsinki

1995 Galeria Kapriisi: Kuopio Finland

1996 Galeria Pictor: Nummela Finland

1994 Galerie Anhava: Helsinki

1996 Galerie Anhava: Helsinki

1996 Galerie Forsblom: Helsinki

1996 Ekenäs city museum: Ekenäs Finland

1997 National Culture Center: Cairo Egypt

1998 Galerie Anhava: Helsinki

1999 Vallmogården: Espoo

2000 Galerie Anhava: Helsinki

2002 Galerie Anhava: Helsinki

2004 Galerie Forsblom: Helsinki

2005 Galerie Forsblom: Helsinki

2006 Galerie Forsblom: Helsinki

2008 Galerie Forsblom: Helsinki

2010 Galerie Forsblom: Helsinki

2012 Galerie Forsblom: Helsinki




1983 Helsingin Taidehalli: Helsinki (The 36th exhibition of young artists)

1983 Old Studenthouse gallery: Helsinki

1984 Etelä-Karjaan taidemuseo: Lappeenranta (national exhibition)

1984 Helsingin Taidehalli: Helsinki (The 37th exhibition of young artists)

1984 Helsingin Taidehalli: Helsinki (The 89th exhibition of Finnish atrtists)

1984 Målarförbundets galleri: Helsinki

1984 Art museum of Vaasa: Vaasa

1984 Helsingin Taidehalli: Helsinki (Stor-Helsingfors regionutställning)

1985 Helsingin Taidehalli: Helsinki (The 90th exhibition of Finnish artists)

1985 Gallery Quando: New York

1985 Museum of Central: Jyväskylä Finland (Jyväskylä Winter)

1985 Kluuvin Galleria: Helsinki

1985-1986 Meet the artist: Finland (Finnish art academy exhibition tour)

1986 Tampere Art Museum: Tampere (The Young Atist of the Year)

1986 Helsingin Taidehalli: Helsinki (Listen)

1986 Utopi-and Memory: Finland tour (Gallery Kluuvi, Galleri Uutiskuva, Gallery Bellarte, Joensuu Art Museum)

1986 Stockholm Art Fair: Sollentuna Sweden

1986 Kilo Finale: Espoo

1986 Museo des Bellas Artes: Havanna (Finnish art in Cuba)

1990 Svenska teatern: Helsinki (Pro Natura)

1990 Central Exhibition Hall: Moscow & Leningrad (Finland today)

1991 Galerie Pelin: Helsinki

1992 Mejan: Stockholm

1992 Muu Ry: Helsinki (the humor of wemon)

1995 Art Apollo: Porvoo Finland

1995 Packhuset: Nyköping Denmark

1996 Hollola Manor House: Hollola Finland

1996 Galerie Anhava: Helsinki (comp box)

1997 Stockholm Art Fair: Sollentuna Sweden

1997 Hollola Manor House: Hollola Finland



Amos Andersson art Museum: Helsinki

Emma: Espoo (modern art museum)

Helsinki city art museum: Helsinki

Loviisa City: Loviisa Finland

Mariehamn City: Mariehamn Finland

Kiasma: Helsinki (The museum of contemporary art)

Svenska kulturfonden: Helsinki

Tampere modern art museum: Tampere

Vaasan city: Vaasa

Vantaan city: Vantaa

Pro Artibus: Ekenäs

Theatre academy of Helsinki: Helsinki

Saastamoinen foundation

Sampo: Helsinki

Altia Group: Helsinki


1983 Suomen taideyhdistyksen dukaattipalkinto/ Finnish art society ducat Award

1984 Uudenmaanläänin taidetoimikunnan apuraha/ Arts counsil of Uusimaa scholarship

1985 Bergbomin palkinto/ Bergbom Award

1985 Stina Krookin säätiön apuraha/ Stina Krook Foundation

1986 Stipendi: Vuoden nuori taiteilija näyttelyssä/ Scholarship Young artist of the year

1986 Svenska kulturfondens arbetsstipendium/ Swedish cultural foundation scholarship

1991 Rudolf Koivu-palkinto/ Rudolf Koivu Award

1991 Svenska kulturfondens stipendium/ Swedish cultural foundation scholarship

1991 Helene ja Walter Grönqvistin säätiön apuraha/ Foundation Grant

1992 Valtion kolmevuotinen taiteilijaapuraha/ State three-year artist grant

2012 Valtion viisivuotinen taiteilijaapuraha/ State five-year artist grant


1979 Backantinnorna, The Student Theatre 

1982 Zarathhustra, as Zarathustra, written by Friedrich Nietzshe, directed by Anette Arlander at the Swedish Theatre, Helsinki

1983 Rannsakningen (the Traial), as the Prosecuter, written by Peter Weiss, directed by Siikala Ritva at the Swedish Theatre, Helsinki

1986 Friehet-Lektionen, as Louisa and the sudent, written by Fassbinder and Ionesco, directed by Pöysti Erik at the Swedish Theater, Helsinki

1989 Elddopet, as Leda Swan, written by Wulff Thomas and Siltanen Juha, directed by Drake Patrik, at the Swedish Theatre, Helsinki

1989 The Wizard from Oz, as Hösthäxan, written by Baum Frank, directed by Dolivo George at the Swedish Theatre, Helsinki

1990 Mrs Klein, as Melitta Klein, written by Wright Nicolas, directed by Witikka Jack at the Swedish Theatre, Helsinki

1990 Bobby Fisher lives in Pasadena, as Ellen, written by Noren Lars, directed by Pöysti Erik at the Swedish Theater, Helsinki (guestplay at the City Theatre of Stockholm, Sweden 

1991 Axel, as Rakel, written by Carpelan Bo,directed by Holmberg Ritva at the Swedish Theatre, Helsinki

1991 The Rose tattooed, as Bessie the whore, written by Williams Tennesee, directed by Vitjuk Roman at the Swedish Theatre, Helsinki

1991 Gasping, as Lerstrom, written by Elton Ben, directed by Blomqvist Arn- Henrik at the Swedish Theatre, Helsinki

1992 Stilla natt, as Rachel, written by Ayckborn Alan, directed by Pöysti Eric, at the Swedish Theatre, Helsinki

1993 Lägg ned gaffeln Piona, as Piona, written by Hemming Gunilla

1995 The Death Dance, as Alice, written by Strindberg August, directed by Pöysti Erik at theatre Traktör Helsinki (guestplay at the City Theatre of Stockholm, Sweden)

1996 The Bitrial, as Emma Downs, written by Pinter Harold, directed by Pennanen Jotaarkka at the Swedish Theater, Helsinki

1997 The Misanthrope, as Arsinoe, written by Moliere, directed by Asher Tamas at the Swedish Theatre, Helsinki

2002 The afternoon, as the Woman 1, written by Ringell Susanne, directed by Pöysti Erik at the Swedish Theatre (guestplay same year at Hangö Teaterdagar, Hanko and Åbo Swedish Thatere, Turku)

2008 Finlandssvensk, as Elisabeth Bam, directed by Jacob Öhrman at Viirus Theatre, Helsinki

Kauhea köyhyys, as madame le Nin



1987 Der Raum, as a performer, choreography by Sanna Kekäläinen at Taiteilijakoti Lallukka, Kiasma and Annantalo (Helsinki)

1994 Fur Valeska, as a performer, choreography by Kirsi Monni at Zodiak (Helsinki), Hangöteaterträff (Hanko), Gdansk Poland, Skoopje Macedonia, Odense Denmark

1997 Ofelia, as a performer, choreography by Kirsi Monni


1989 Pojken och äventyret, The Student Theatre

1989 Ringen, written by Solveig von Schoults, Lilla teatern, Helsinki

1994 Clownoff, Totem teatteri 

1995 Cirkustanterna, Totem teatteri

1995 Nasse hittar en stol, Tryckeriteatern VNF, Karjaa

1996 Pelikanen, Tryckeriteatern VNF, Karjaa

1996 Kattresan, Tryckeriteatern VNF, Karjaa

1996 Bremer Freiheit, Tryckeriteatern VNF, Karjaa

1998 Vårens uppvaknande (Springawakening), by Wedekind, Tryckeriteatern VNF, Karjaa

1998 Rosie, Wasa teater, Vaasa

1999 Lektionen by Ionesco, Pilsnerpojkarna in Tammisaari, Åbo Swedish theatre (Turku)

2000 Tuulisilta, choreography by Siren Ervi, Almisali Helsinki

2001 When she danced, Klockriketeatern, Helsinki

2001 Mrs. Almeida, Klockriketeatern, Helsinki

2001 Fou Rou, by Skoog Frank, Klockriketeatern, Helsinki

2001 Trånga skor (music-show-cabaret), by Roos Marina and Hemming Gunilla, Klockriketeatern, Helsinki 

2003 Lucy is Skating, the Theatre Academy of Helsinki 

2004 When she danced, Klockriketeatern, Helsinki

2004 Klassfienden (Classenemy), Klockriketeatern, Helsinki

2006 Pinoccio, the Theatre Academy of Helsinki - Skärgårdsteatern

2008 En Salig Röra, the Theatre Academy of Helsinki

2008 Full mounty (Underbara herrar i hatt), Raseborg summer theatre, Snappertuna

2008 Misantropen, by Moliere, the Theatre Academy of Helsinki - Skärgårdsteatern and Teater Mestola

2010 Misantropen, by Moliere, Teater Qult, Teaterlogen Yngsjö, Sweden


1983 Palt eller Pudding, by Wulff Thomas, Student Theatre, Helsinki

1984 Liv och Tvång, by Wulff Thomas, Student Theatre, Bombshelter in Helsinki

1986 Primavera, by Del Blanc Sven, The Student Theatre, Helsinki

1985 Janne Kubik, by Diktonius Elmer, The Swedish Theatre,Helsinki

1986 Överlevande minnen eller samtal om de yttersta och ytligaste tingen, by Hemming Gunilla The Swedish Theatre, Helsinki

1987 Förnuftets gudinna, by Hemming Gunilla, The Swedish Theatre, Helsinki

1989 Ringen, by von Schoults Solveig, Lilla teatern, Helsinki

1990 Bobby Fisher lives in Pasadena, by Noren Lars, the Swedish Theatre

1991 Othello, by Shakespeare, director Eskola Hanno, Oulu City Theatre, Oulu

1993 Joitakin keskusteluja Vvedenskij part of a doctor work, by Anette Arlander, at the Theater Academy and different enviroments in Helsinki

1994 Min mamma sa by, Teater Kaos, PikkulLillan

1994 Samma dag Samma ögonblick, Riksteatern, Sweden

1995 The Death dance, by Strindberg August, Teater Traktör, Helsinki

1995 Clounoff, Childrens Theatre, Totem teatteri, tour

1995 Cirkustanterna, Childrens theater, Totem teatteri, tour

1996 Maratondansen, Tryckeriteatern VNF, Karjaa

1998 Rosie by Thun margareta, Wasa Teater, Vaasa



1992 Voimapaikka, Soumussalmi ryhmä, Helsinki

1995 Noname, choreography by Monni Kirsi, Zodiak, Helsinki

1996 Sovinto, choreography by Siren Ervi, Zodiak Helsinki

1997 Temppelini, choreography by Siren Ervi, Zodiak, Helsinki

1998 Tyttö joka oli aina Ruusuikkuna, choreography by Siren Ervi

1998 Viita, choreography by Siren Ervi

1998 Ki-ai,  choreography by Monni Kirsi, Zodiak Helsinki

1998 Neljän tarinan vuori, choreography by Siren Ervi, Zodiak Helsinki

1998 Siniset silmät Mustat Hiukset, based on the same book by Duras Margret, the Theatreacademy of Helsinki,dancedepartment

1998 Tumma, choreography by Siren Ervi, TEAK Helsinki

2001 Pilvenpiirtäjät, choreography by Siren Ervi, TEAK Helsinki

2002 Sattumia ja saravande, choreography by Siren Ervi, TEAK Helsinki

2007 Taikuri, choreography by Siren Ervi, Nomadi Helsinki

2008 Viita, choreography by Siren Ervi, Zodiak Helsinki

2009 Ruusuikkuna, choreography by Siren Ervi, Kiasma Helsinki

2012 Kites, choreography by Siren Ervi, Zodiak Helsinki


(Held in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Portugal, Austria, Hungary, Iceland)

1975-1977 Fågel Fenix

1982 Les Mutiles

1983 Homo$

1994-1986 Jack helen Brut

Särjen Ääni


1983-1986 Joan Bennet Museo

1986-1990 Transistors